Access Control

Access Control

Security Trust is always searching for innovative solutions in the sector of safety integrated systems. The private Access Portal offers a further important service to their customers to control and monitor the condition of their systems in real time.

Our portal makes it possible to:

  • control whether the system is open or closed
  • Control which people and companies are currently present
  • Control access to/exits from the systems in the last weeks or months.

What is the use of the Access Portal?

The Access Portal  makes it possible to detect irregularities resulting from the non-correspondence between  punching outs and accesses or from access to systems at non-authorized times.

Why has Security Trust created this service?

Security Trust has created this specific service for those customers who need to know who has access/leaves their  systems in real time.

Customers receive an Email every time the system is switched on and off.

By accessing our portal after logging in and entering their password, our customers can control the history and the condition of their systems in real time.