Design And Installation

Integrated Safety Systems

Security Trust is specialized in the design, installation and maintenance of integrated safety systems.

Our Company is present all over Italy and therefore our customer service (companies, municipalities and public areas, GDOs, warehouses, power plants, financial institutions, collection centres, museums and cultural centres) is specific, quick and efficient, from the initial advise stage to final optimization.

We design special safety systems in order to protect buildings, real estate and industrial machines and monitor the access to large goods collection centres such as warehouses, supermarkets and GDOs. Our highly specialized internal team designs made-to-measure safety systems for our customers.


They are also called IISs. These systems collect the data generated by the sub-systems connected to them. Control takes place in real time: each scanned incident is analyzed and the level of safety of each individual situation is determined (normality, risk, alert, alarm).

The Security Trust Integrated Systems link the various safety sub-system and  create a stable connection and interaction based on the most modern technology available. The result is a stable, more effective and more efficient system.

Internal and External Safety Systems

Success results from the interaction between internal and external safety systems. The Company team uses “Model 231”. This private method integrates the safety systems and optimizes communications between the various tools used.

The solutions implemented to guarantee full safety result from  the design, production and integration of systems:

01Burglar and Anti-theft


03Access Control and Presence Management

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Video Surveillance 04

Fire alarm and Smoke Detection 05

System Maintenance Service06

Design and installation of safety systems are made-to-measure in order to meet all customer requirements. All processes are carried out with precision and the utmost care for details in order to guarantee top quality final products.

Our great experience in this field has made it possible for us to constantly train personnel and achieve high production levels, certified both in Italy and Europe.

Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are always ready to support our customers with our rapid reaction times and maintenance service.

The Security Trust integrated systems comply with the most recent European safety Standards.