Model 231

Decree no. 231 – Security Activities by Security Trust

The implementation of Legislative Decree 231/01 (hereafter also called the “Decree”) and its modifications and integrations has led to specific responsibilities of the security companies when the offences provided for in the Decree are committed.

The Security Trust Group has introduced measures to prevent any liability pursuant to the above Decree. These measures include specific surveillance activities to prevent the occurrence of predicate offences which could potentially be committed by managers, auditors, employees and collaborators with whom Security Trust or other companies of the Group governed by the Italian law have stipulated contracts (where the contractual relationship may be of any kind, even transitional and/or temporary) or with whom a working relationship exists, whether for a consideration or free of charge.


Model 231 is governed by a Supervisory Body that has the task of monitoring the effectiveness of the Organizational Model and guaranteeing the observance of the  Company’s Code of Conduct.

In compliance with the Decree and in view of the development of specific regulations and laws, Security Trust and the companies of the Italian Group governed by the Italian law have adapted their prevention methods by implementing the activities included in the relevant organizational model.