People and Governance

People and Governance

In the context of a specific policy concerning its managers, Security Trust has implemented a series of initiatives to support the “leadership” skills of its management.

Basing itself on particularly successful internal and external experience, it has created learning pathways for  its managers in order to enable them to manage complex contexts, innovation, change, internationalization and integration.

Managers are taught to focus on the value of people, that is to say to share their knowledge and skills with their collaborators and to motivate every member of staff to do his/her best every day.


The Management of Security Trust is responsible for the whole group. Through its well-thought out, shared and planned decisions it coordinates and guides the different Business Units in order to achieve the goals set.


Those who work at the Security Trust Group actively contribute to the success of a leading Group in the security sector, seize professional and training opportunities, feel valued and recognized and follow a never ending learning pathway.

All companies of the Group focus on Training and Development as the main tools to achieve the highest international standards and  manage an ever developing business. Security Trust has implemented various training initiatives, both traditional and involving IT methods. Training is directed to all Company’s staff as well as to external collaborators: exchange and dialogue with young students wishing to work for the Company are promoted.

Security Trust is committed to concretely support the leading skills of its managers through specific learning pathways enabling them to manage complex contexts, innovation, change  and integration. Skills are shared with collaborators who are motivated to do their best. A common language and operating method are promoted.


The Group aims at Excellence and Innovation. These may result only from a dynamic industrial policy projecting our Company into the future and improving its competitiveness.

In view of these goals Security Trust avails itself of a Project Manager who plays a strategic role  in the organization and  management of every single project. He applies a suitable project management method in order to manage all processes effectively and to direct all activities towards the goals set.


Security Trust has been working for over twenty years in the sector of Safety.

Safeguarding the integrity and health of our human resources at their workplaces has always been a priority for us.

Security Trust observes the regulations concerning working relationships of the different countries in which it works and has implemented very modern policies concerning the management of human resources and industrial relationships. It guarantees the workers’ freedom of association everywhere and focuses on the protection of their human rights. It promotes the adoption of health and safety at all work places.


Security Trust considers people as the real creative force of the Group. This is why it has become a diversified and articulated “talent oriented organization” offering equal employment opportunities  and a fair treatment on the basis of individual skills and competence. Internationality is valued and recognized and the corporate culture respects the specific characteristics of the various regions.

People’s well-being is a basic factor for the Group’s success. Over the last few years companies have become more and more aware of their social responsibility in the areas in which they work and therefore they have developed policies aimed at improving the internal atmosphere, organization and each individual employee’s welfare.

The Security Trust management, responsible for the management of the entire group, has the task of coordinating and guiding the various Business Units, by taking decisions that are designed, shared and planned against a single objective.
Working in the Security Trust Group means actively contributing to the successes of a large group in its sector, seizing multiple professional and training opportunities, feeling recognized and valued and becoming protagonists of a continuous learning path.

Training and Development are for all the companies of the group concepts at the base of a growth aimed at the highest international standards, to respond to the needs of a constantly evolving business.
As part of the training, Security Trust promotes various initiatives that combine traditional interaction methods with purely computerized channels and are aimed at all corporate target groups, with an opening also to the outside, promoting opportunities for discussion and dialogue even with young people students who aspire to join the company.

Security Trust aims to concretely support the leadership competences of its managerial class through dedicated paths to help its managers in managing the context in its complexity, the processes of innovation, change, internationalization and integration. Skills that are shared with collaborators, motivating them to give their best and contributing to the adoption of a common language and operating method.

The Group aims at Excellence and Innovation, sustainable requirements only from a lively and dynamic industrial culture, able to project the company into the future and grow in competitiveness.
In this perspective, the figure of the Project Manager is strategic, of which Security Trust uses for the organization and management of each project, supported by an adequate project management methodology to effectively manage the various processes and direct the activities according to the results expected.

Security Trust has been operating for almost two decades to ensure security.

Safeguarding the integrity and health of human resources in the workplace is a priority and has always been the fundamental principle on which it based its experience.
Security Trust respects the rules that regulate labor relations in each country in which it operates and applies advanced human resource management and industrial relations policies, ensuring freedom of association between workers everywhere, maintaining high attention to the protection of rights human rights that concern them and promoting the adoption of health and safety at work management systems in all their operational contexts.

Security Trust recognizes people as the Group’s true creative force; for this reason it has developed over time into an articulated and diversified “talent oriented organization”, which offers equal work opportunities, guaranteeing fair treatment based on individual skills and abilities, in which internationality is recognized as a value and where corporate culture respects territorial specificities.

Likewise, people’s well-being is a determining factor for the success of the entire Group. In recent years, as civil society has grown in awareness of corporate social responsibility in the territory in which they operate, attention to policies aimed at improving the internal climate, organizational well-being and the individual worker has also grown considerably.