Security Trust

The Security Trust Method


Our Company works both in Italy and abroad. Security Trust started its strategic process in 2001. After about 10 years it was able to obtain a leading position within the Italian context and is now one of the top companies dealing with System Integration.

Our Mission

Our Group aims at offering the best integrated systems available on the market to both public and private customers. We customize and integrate these systems with our IT “Ecosystem” because we believe that the complexity of modern technology requires professional skills. Our professionals are not only  able to identify which kind of technology  can be integrated in a certain infrastructure, but also to meet current requirements and forecast future ones.


The “philosophy” described above has also led to BLINK, our platform for Supervising and Managing complex, private Integrated Safety Systems. This platform makes it possible to improve the performance and effectiveness of the monitoring process and reduce the cost of the physical surveillance offered by Security Trust. It also improves the quality of the alerts signaled.

Security Trust constantly tries to find new products and solutions to invest in and makes experiments because it aims at consolidating its leading position in the technological safety sector and in the sector of  operating management Platforms. This happens  with the help of its qualified human resources and specialized technical personnel.



After receiving a customer’s request, our Company analyzes the issues of market demand and feasibility. Then our qualified and referenced staff deal with the design, installation, maintenance and customer service in connection with the relevant integrated safety system. These activities are constantly supervised and coordinated by the Company’s key accounts.

The Security Trust Method is structured as follows:

Purchase and Logistics

Once the issues concerning the design  have been defined, the project specifications are communicated to the System Office and the Head of Construction. The latter confirms the structure of the system and informs the Purchasing Department which arranges material procurement, keeping in mind the delivery times requested by the Customer.

Construction of the Safety System

The Project Manager organizes the order received in accordance with the execution project. He informs the purchasing department of the products to be procured and establishes which personnel and workforces are to be employed for construction. These workforces may be recruited. In this case they are external staff  with whom our Company has a consolidated working relationship. However, technical issues  such as programming and commissioning are always dealt with by the internal staff of Security Trust.

Customer service and maintenance of the Safety Systems:

Once the safety system has been completed, Security Trust enters into a closer business relationship with the customer by offering him a Maintenance and Customer Service. This relationship is characterized by trust and continuity. The service requires the best possible precision and is particularly important because it makes it possible for the customer to effectively monitor the safety system constructed.

The after-sales service is the real spearhead of our Company. Our Help Desk and on-site technical assistance are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Safety Operations Centre

In 2012 the Security Trust Group acquired a large part of the share capital of a Remote Security Unit called “Top Security Televigilanza Srl” with the aim of offering an excellent remote service to its customers. This has enabled us to monitor the alarms of the systems being managed. This task is also performed with the support of highly qualified staff trained to work with the most modern technological systems. Top Security Televigilanza Srl is qualified pursuant to art. 134 of the Public Safety Law. It avails itself of the collaboration of specialized  security companies all over the territory and is therefore able to organize and offer remote security and surveillance services to Security Trust, which works in its own name, but on behalf of its Customers.

Top Security Televigilanza works  in the sector of   Remote Security with great experience and competence. Security Trust informs Top Security Televigilanza  of its customers’ requirements and Top Security Televigilanza finds the best solutions for all our customers both in the private and public sector. By offering a Remote Security service and making its range of services more complete, Security Trust has certainly become a leading company.

Advise and Safety System Design

The Project Department works at finding ad-hoc solutions and prepares preliminary, final and execution projects on the basis of our customers’ requirements. The Team includes Design Engineers with a Degree in Telecommunication Technology,  Industrial Technicians and commercial advisors with many years of experience in the sector of safety.

Once the design part has been defined, the project specifications are communicated to the Systems Office and the site manager, who confirms the structure of the plant and notifies the Purchasing Department, which in turn supplies the necessary material taking into account the timing highlighted by the Customer.
The appointed PM organizes the acquired order, in compliance with the executive project, designating the procurement of the products to the purchasing department, the staff to be used for the realization and the workers in relation to the size of the system, which can be external but always coming from consolidated partnerships; while the technical part used in planning and testing is the responsibility of the Security Trust employees.

Once the security system is completed, Security Trust establishes a relationship of full trust and continuity with the customer through the Maintenance and Assistance Service. It is a service that requires precision, but above all it is of fundamental importance because it allows the customer to monitor the safety system implemented with constant efficiency and effectiveness.

The company’s after-sales service, spearhead and uniqueness, is structured with a Help Desk service and 24-hour on-site technical support for 365 days / year.

The Security Trust group, in order to guarantee its customers a service of excellence from remote, in 2012 acquired through a significant participation of the share capital, a Tele-Supervision Central, allowing the direct monitoring of the alarms of the plants under management, also thanks to a highly qualified staff trained in the most modern technological systems. Enjoying the qualification pursuant to art.134 T.U.L.P.S., the control panel organizes and provides, in collaboration with specialized supervisory companies throughout the territory, the Televigilance and Telesurveillance services to Security Trust which operates in its own name but on behalf of its Customers.

The plant operates with experience and expertise in the world of television surveillance and, on behalf of Security Trust which transmits the needs of its customers, finds the solutions that are best suited to the needs of both private and public realities.
In this way, the Security Trust proposal also extends to television surveillance, placing the company in a market leader position for the completeness of the service offer.