The Security Services of Security Trust
24 hours a day
365 days a year


Security Trust has locations all over Italy as well as in London and Romania. Its strong presence all over Italy and abroad proves that we have an extensive, advanced security service network, consisting of: video surveillance, integrated safety systems, burglar alarm systems, fire detection, access control systems, management of alarms through operations centres, satellite tracking, electronic door-keeping, remote surveillance, networking and remote systems.

Who are the Security Trust of Security Trust designed for? 

The management of technological safety systems is particularly suitable for industries, companies, public areas, GDOs, hypermarkets and supermarkets, energy companies, private institutions, collection and disposal centres and cultural goods such as historical buildings and museums.

How do the Security Services of Security Trust work?

Security Trust offers its security services depending on the type of building, from the time when the latter is constructed until the time it is let: plans are specific and personalized in order to avoid any possible failure. In view of the target set, a preventative analysis is carried out in order to identify both critical points and safe areas and proceed with the design of the integrated safety systems according to our customers’ specific requirements.

The Technology of our Security Services

We constantly invest in the research and development of new video surveillance systems and this guarantees best results and top quality. Technology makes it possible to achieve ever growing  levels of safety and offer our customers high standard integrated systems.

Very modern operations centres working 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, make all systems effective and efficient.  These centres are indispensable in order to manage alarms and introduce the necessary measures in real time.

Operators and all the Company staff are highly trained and perform their task with passion and care. The result is guaranteed and certified.

The Services
Security Trust provides its customers with an important service for the localization and management of their vehicles: the Internet Platform WEBSAT.SECURITYTRUST.IT

It guarantees the control of the vehicles from a Reserved Area.

Security Trust is always looking for innovative solutions in the field of integrated security systems.

Through the Owners Access Portal, it offers a further important service to the customer who can monitor and monitor the status of his plants in real time.

Security Trust is specialized in the design, installation and maintenance of integrated security systems.

Thanks to Brescia’s Headquarter and to a good distribution on the Italian territory, the client assistance from the first phases of consultancy to the final optimization phases is dedicated, fast and efficient.

Security Trust, strengthened by its years of experience throughout Europe, offers video surveillance services for companies, GDOs, public areas, outdoor areas, buildings. We have a wide range of products such as camera units, optics, monitors, recording units and all the equipment needed to build integrated security systems composed of various technologies, both on coaxial cable and on IP infrastructure. Security Trust video surveillance is constantly evolving thanks to numerous investments in technology and continuous innovation research.
Security Trust, thanks to the experience gained in managing the connectivity of photovoltaic sites, which are often located in decentralized positions, is now recognized as a provider of connectivity throughout the national territory. The types of connections depend on the coverage, and the connection that is mainly offered is that RSDL. These are connections to the network via DSL radio links.
The management of security alarms and monitoring of reports is a practice consolidated and perfected by the technologies of the latest integrated systems. Once the siren has been triggered, relative to a specific alarm, the signal is sent immediately to the alarm management center. Subsequently, a responsible agent initiates the preliminary intervention procedure by analyzing the images received directly at the exchange.

If during the monitoring of the video material there are burglaries, assaults, and other illicit episodes, police is involved to provide a direct and rapid support.

Security Trust offers logic safety systems aimed at increasing safety from an information technology point of view. It puts its staff at the disposal of customers dealing with corporate and industrial computer processes and working in the Cyber Security vertical sector.

Satellite tracking

Security Trust offers its customer an important service for tracking and managing their vehicles: the WEBSAT.SECURITYTRUST.IT Internet Platform.

This platform makes it possible to control the vehicles from a Reserved Area.

Access Control Portal

Security Trust is always looking for innovative solutions in the sector of integrated safety systems.

The private Access Portal is a further service we offer our customers in order to enable them to control and monitor their systems in real time.

Design and Installation

Security Trust is specialized in integrated safety systems. The Company designs and installs them and offers its customers a maintenance service.

Customers receive specific, quick and efficient support because our Company is present all over Italy.

Alarm Management

The management of safety alarms and signals is a consolidated process: we have worked and invested in monitoring integrated platforms for many years.

The operations centre reacts immediately and the staff in charge is highly trained and therefore able to give best support in all possible situations.

Maintenance and Customer Service 24 hours a day

Security Trust installs video surveillance systems all over Europe. The video cameras and sensors installed in companies, warehouses, public areas and green areas require the right technology in order to guarantee best support and safety to our customers.

Our certifications prove our quality and professional skills.

Connectivity Remote Control

Security Trust has great experience in the energy sector, where good data connection in areas far from residential areas is necessary,  and is therefore able to supply these connections autonomously.

The technology used is based on rSDL and satellite systems.

Cyber Security

Security Trust offers logic safety systems aimed at increasing safety from an information technology point of view. It puts its staff at the disposal of customers dealing with corporate and industrial computer processes and working in the Cyber Security vertical sector.