Management of Safety Alarms

Management of Safety Alarms

Security Trust offers its Customers the remote control of all technological and safety systems.

The Operations Centre analyses and manages the signals received through the BLINK platform: it receives alarms and is capable of managing very modern technological systems using the most innovative telecommunication technologies. The Security Trust Group can supply innovative, personalized services which increase our customers’ safety and their productivity.

The Operations Centre is attended by the Security Guards in charge. They are trained and specialized, not only in the management of Safety Systems, but also in the management of integrated systems with various types of connectivity.

Security Trust offers its services in compliance with its license pursuant to art. 115 of “T.U.L.P.S” (Single Text on Security Law). Security Trust acts as agent without representation powers. It does not act on its own behalf, but on behalf of its customers making sure that the services are supplied to them in compliance with the contractual mandate given to it.

Our Operators shall be available at the telephone number of the Security Trust’s operations centre for emergencies.

Remote security

The Remote Security/Video Security Service is organized and managed in two steps.

Signal management: upon receiving an alarm warning, the operator at the operations centre carries out a complete video patrol in order to detect possible anomalies. In the case of an actual alarm situation the operator immediately alerts the Police, while our patrol rapidly moves towards the objective with all the necessary tools (keys, ground plans, alarm codes etc.) in order to guarantee intervention and targeted and effective repair.

Acquisition of the signal: the technicians of our Operations Centre manage all incoming and outgoing signals 24 hours a day. Images are visualized on the computer and acquired and monitored by the operator who immediately introduces the measures established. The video surveillance service offers the advantage of a targeted and direct intervention, whereby normal conditions are restored in a very short time.

Our patrol and the Police are aware that they are intervening  in a REAL alarm situation.

Network of Security Firms

In order to meet its customers’ requirements, over the last 5 years Security Trust has created an important network of domestic companies working in the sector of Private Security. Customers wish to have only single reference contact coordinating the work of the firms working in the field of protection of property.

Security Trust guarantees its customers complete management of the different services within the ambit of safety: from the installation of safety systems to supervision, from first aid to doorman services and from stakeout out to system maintenance.

Our Customers have only one contact for all services aimed at  optimizing their safety: our Group. Security Trust has obtained an Agency license pursuant to Art. 115 of “TULPS”.