The evolution of Video Surveillance Systems

How do Security Systems evolve with the advancement of technologies? In the era in which we talk about Industry 4.0 and Web 3.0, the security sector is subjected to continuous innovations. Just think of a basic component for our Security Trust systems or video cameras.

The cameras are in fact sensors that emulate the visual control that a person could play. Clearly these are systems that greatly exceed human potential as they have advanced features such as infrared night vision, they are able to constantly monitor over time, have a wide field of view (some 360 °) and are connected to our management and monitoring operating systems.

These advantages together with many other features make video surveillance systems effective and widely used for the control of installations, warehouses, buildings, public areas and many other areas. In essence, the technological advancement has favored a considerable improvement in the performance of the equipment and consequently in the degree of safety.

What is Video Surveillance 2.0?

We talk about Video Surveillance 2.0 when video cameras record at high resolution and allow to analyze details of remarkable quality. Along with the visual component, digital real-time recognition systems are added.

Using software programming, it is possible to identify the elements within each shot and associate certain scenes with various alarm levels. A practical case are the ZTL (limited traffic zones) controls in urban centers. This evolution of image interpretation and management makes the Security Trust security systems intelligent and versatile for different uses.

In 2018 when we talk about cameras we refer to the IoT world. Each camera is like a node communicating with other systems and sensors. This connected network can be controlled through our platform and allows us to keep everything under control with constant and automated monitoring.

This concept is applied in video surveillance systems but it will be a cornerstone of future Smart Cities, which will exploit and expand these features to redefine the concept of life, from transport to logistics, from healthcare to improving business efficiency.

This is intelligent Video Surveillance 2.0. This is the Security Trust vision.